Reader Responses

Fort Pierce, FL

It was enjoyable moments for me to read the book, Think Big, given to me by my pastor. I have learned so many things from this book. I enjoyed reading it, and it gave me courage to move on in life and to continue with my education.

Roswell, GA

This past Thursday I was doing my grocery shopping at my neighborhood Kroger. I was strolling down the aisle near the books and happened to look down at one of the lower shelves on this little kiosk. There was your book, Hiking Through.

Northumberland, PA

I have been enjoying word search puzzles for quite some time. I was really happy when I found the Praise Word Search book from your company. I’m learning new Bible verses every time I do a puzzle. That’s great!

Mesa, AZ

Thanks for placing your inspirational books at truck stops. I was somewhere in the desert on I-10 between Tucson and El Paso and found a book about the Holy Spirit by Spurgeon. I lead a men's group at my church and I also found two books on dealing with anger...

Wichita, KS

Your booklet Comfort for Troubled Christians has been a blessing to me. I keep a copy in my purse and read it while waiting in line, sitting in a waiting room, in restaurants, and even in my car while waiting for a train to pass by.

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