Reader Responses

Miami Garden, FL

David Wilkerson was the man that God used in my life more than a decade ago, to reach me in the darkest place I had ever been in my life. Suicidal and depressed! I walked into a Publix Supermarket one day...and in the Choice Books section there was a small book

Oakland, CA

I wanted to give you feedback on your books on prayer. I was at a gathering we have at the end of every month at our parish...I happened to let them know I was having trouble with my brother. Not a moment passed when my friend got up, reached in her purse and took out a book entitled Prayers for Difficult Times.

Cleveland, OH

A while ago, I purchased a wonderful book at CVS called Abraham Lincoln’s Daily Treasure edited by Thomas Freiling. I’ve always admired Abraham Lincoln. He was one great president. The book was fascinating. I like his traits and wise sayings.

Fontana, CA

I've been searching for a book of prayers about hope and I saw this book Simple Prayers of Hope in Walmart and started to flip through it, and I enjoyed what is written in this book. I bought two copies as gifts

Hattiesburg, MS

I recently purchased Walking with the Lord from the gift shop at King’s Daughters Medical Center in Brookhaven, MS. This book has been a God-send. The words are so close to what have been on my heart and mind that I have to stop reading and catch my breath at times.

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