Reader Responses

Brooklyn, NY

I received as a gift a tiny book called Comfort for Troubled Christians by J. C. Brumfield, and I enjoyed reading it.  It contained enormous spiritual nourishment for anyone who hungers spiritually.

Elizabeth, NJ

To God be the glory for He certainly answers prayers...I saw a book rack while I was waiting for my medication at CVS and I decided to look through it.

Burtonsville, MD

I bought Believe You Can at Safeway.  This is truly an awesome book and very inspirational. I love the little short stories that accompany some of the chapters

Chicago, IL

The Holy Spirit used What Women Don’t Know (and Men Don’t Tell You) to reveal to me what God was doing with the relationship that I am currently in...After reading this book, I understood that he was trying to repair the damage to the relationship by seeking God’s way,

Goessel, KS

A while back, I was in the Dillons store in Newton, KS. I was waiting in line at the pharmacy counter and standing by a Choice Books rack. To pass the time, I looked at the books on the rack.  There was Pray Big for Your Marriage and it was only $5.99!!!

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