Reader Responses

Brandon, MS

I wish to commend you for the beautiful devotional books that I recently received. Last month, a relative sent me your book, Prayers of Comfort and Hope. I have completely exhausted all of my previous devotionals, and this beautiful book was so refreshing for my soul.

Orlando, FL

I bought the book, Gifted Hands, by Ben Carson at a Walmart store. The book is very important to me because it is all about God's favor to human beings. Most people may think that it’s impossible for Jesus to trust people with His spiritual things.

New Ulm, TX

I purchased The Complete Guide to the Bible a few years ago when I joined the women's group at our church. I volunteered to do Bible studies or anything else that needed to be done. I can't tell you how many compliments I received from the EXTRA information I was able to impart with the studies...

Anderson, CA

God’s Promises for Everyday and Always My Daughter, Now My Friend are very touching and enlightening. I found both books at Mercy Hospital in Redding, CA. They are what I need for what I am going through right now.

Berlin, PA

I am a long time reader of Choice Books...I highly recommend Choice Books since they are so readily available in the grocery store; are reasonably and competitively priced; and most of all are Biblically based material to read. Society, today in America, is too rapidly sliding down the slippery slope

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