Authors - How to Submit Your Book

Choice Books purchases the majority of its books directly from publishers. Very few books are purchased from self-published authors and none are purchased from print-on-demand publishers (i.e. Authorhouse, iUniverse, Pendium Publishing House, Pleasant Word, Publish America, Xlibris, Xulon, etc.) or other distributors (i.e. Ingram). If you meet these requirements and decide to send a sample copy of your book to Choice Books, please include the following information with the sample: 1) contact information for you and your publisher and 2) the retail price and net cost of the book from the publisher. Choice Book purchases books on a non-returnable basis in case quantities, paying all freight costs.

Mail your sample with the requested information to:

Choice Books
Attn: Submissions
2387 Grace Chapel Road
Harrisonburg, VA 22801

If you would like the sample copy returned to you, you must include a self-addressed postage-paid envelope. Otherwise, books are not returned but donated to a local charity.

Will you get a response?

Please do not contact Choice Books about the status of your submission. If Choice Books is interested in further conversation after receiving your book, someone will contact you within four (4) weeks. Otherwise, Choice Books is not interested in purchasing your book.   

With the high volume of sample copies received each year, Choice Books is unable to comment specifically on all books submitted.  However, books are often not selected for distribution for at least one or more of the following reasons.

  • The cover lacks customer appeal for the general marketplace.
  • The content/story is similar to books already on our title list.
  • The content/story is not compatible with the goals or Christian values of the Choice Books ministry.
  • The purchasing discount does not meet Choice Books requirements.

Print-on-Demand Self-Published Books

Choice Books does not purchase self-published books printed by print-on-demand publishers (i.e. Authorhouse, iUniverse, Pleasant Word, Publish America, Xlibris, Xulon, etc.  Click here for a more complete list of print-on-demand companies.)

The following book distributors may purchase books from print-on-demand publishers.

  • STL                 1-800-289-2772
  • Spring Arbor     1-800-395-5599
  • Anchor             1-800-444-4484

If your book has been printed by a print-on-demand publisher, you may want to consider submitting your book to another publisher.   Click here to find a Christian or inspirational publisher who may be interested in publishing your book.


Choice Books is a rack jobber distributor, not a publisher.  Choice Books does not accept or review manuscripts.  Click here to find a Christian or inspirational publisher who may be interested in publishing your book.

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