Roswell, GA

I am from Roswell, GA, which is part of northern metro Atlanta. This past Thursday I was doing my grocery shopping at my neighborhood Kroger. I was strolling down the aisle near the books and happened to look down at one of the lower shelves on this little kiosk. There was your book, Hiking Through. Let me say that I am not a hiker. A three mile a day walker at best. So the title did not grab my attention. However, I felt a strong urge to pick it up and open it. I was on page 258. My eyes went immediately to the sentence where you were asking God if He knew how much grief He caused you and your family by taking your wife Mary. That was the very first part of the page that my eyes focused on the second I opened your book. I knew at that moment that it was the Holy Spirit prompting me to do so. Three months ago, I lost my wife Linda to pancreatic cancer. She passed 4 weeks and 2 days after her diagnosis. We would have been married 39 years this September. We started dating at 19 and 20. I am 61 and Linda passed 3 weeks shy of her 60th birthday. Your book has been an unbelievable blessing to me. Trust me, I have read several books on grieving and yours is so personal. You touch on everything I have been going through and will be going through. Even the part of being called by God to deliver his message. That spoke so loud and clear when I read more of pg. 258. I have been encouraged by people and through God's word to do ministry. I know I have to be available and ready (in His time). I read the book in two days. Aside from all the similarities we share with the loss of our wives, the book was so interesting and relaxing to read. It was as if I was hiking the trail. It put me in a real peaceful state of mind. It was very comforting and encouraging. It gives hope. Thank you for being so transparent and sharing your story. I thank God for nudging me to come across your book. It has blessed me! May God bless you!” (September 2015 -- response forwarded by author Paul Stutzman)

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