Choice Books News

  • The total number of books sold/purchased by Choice Books (CB) since its inception in 1962 now exceeds 100 million books after CB purchased/sold 5,125,180 books in 2014. The total number of displays serviced at the end of 2014 was 11,380 displays, not including the approximately 2,500 promotional displays placed in stores for Christmas.

  • Each year, Choice Books recognizes the highest retail volume accounts in various retail categories. Choice Books’ highest volume account in 2014 was Paradies Shops at the Charlotte Douglas International Airport, which sold 21,700 books, $248,467 retail from eight displays scattered throughout the airport.

  • The Association of American Publishers recently noted that publishing was healthy in the first three-quarters of 2014 with sales up 4.9% in all categories. Overall book sales from religious publishers for January-September 2014 were up 2.1%

  • Recently, when the Choice Books (CB) service rep arrived to service the CB display at Fort Bragg, the display was empty. This typically isn’t a good thing, so the rep asked management about it, and they said that a woman came into the store and bought every book off the display. She said she was dying and wanted to give the books away.

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