Choice Books News

  • Choice Books will set Christmas floor displays in approximately 2,500 retail stores across the country. The display includes five (5) children’s titles and four (4) inspirational gift titles for adults.

  • "Coloring books for adults are this year’s surprise smash hit category, and they’re gaining steam heading into the gift-buying season The adult coloring book craze that started at the beginning of 2015 shows no sign of slowing down."

  • "The number of Americans who claim to have read a book in the previous year declined slightly, according to a new survey by the Pew Research Center. However, in a somewhat surprising twist, the survey also showed that young adults 18-29 were more likely to have a read a book over the past year than their older counterparts..."

  • According to Publishers Weekly, bookstores at airports and train stations, like their main street bricks and mortar counterparts, are benefitting from a print revival...The number of books sold from Choice Books displays in airports nationwide increased 12.9%

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