Choice Books News

  • The popular title, Keep Calm and Trust God, continues to sell very well with 79,830 copies sold in January to May of this year making this book Choice Books’ bestselling title so far in 2016. Keep Calm and Trust God posted a record 206,685 copies purchased/sold in 2015 making it the single-year highest volume title in CB’s history.

  • Choice Books’ sales concur with the national trend in adult coloring book sales. In March 2016, five of the top ten bestsellers from Choice Books displays were adult coloring books.

  • Choice Books set Easter floor displays in approximately 2,750 retail stores across the country. The display includes five children’s titles, two inspirational gift titles for adults and one adult coloring book.

  • Choice Books posted the second highest annual book sales in its 54-year history by purchasing/selling 5,460,104 books in 2015, an increase of 6.5% compared to 2014. This increase outpaced unit sales of print books by major booksellers...

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