Choice Books of West Coast

856 S Reed Avenue
Suite 10
Reedley, CA 93654
Phone (888) 401-2404

Choice Books of West Coast is a regional distributor organization authorized to use the "Choice Books" (CB) trademark in the general marketplace. Choice Books of West Coast purchases books from Choice Books Central Office and sells them to various retail stores/locations via the CB displays that they set and service in their trading area. Books are sold to retailers with direct-store-delivery service and full return privilege. Books that are returned from CB displays in saleable condition are resold and books that cannot be resold at full market value are either sold at a discount or donated to charitable organizations. Books selected for CB displays are consistent with the mission of Choice Books and attempt to encourage, uplift and provide a positive impact on the life of the reader.

Servicing Region and Office Locations

Choice Books of West Coast services displays in retail stores located from San Diego to Redding, CA and the East Bay (CA) to Reno, NV. Choice Books of West Coast's main office is located in Reedley, California.

       Choice Books of West Coast
       856 S Reed Avenue, Suite 10
       Reedley, CA 93654
       Toll-free (888) 401-2404

       Steve Isaak - District Manager
       Lavern Yoder - Regional Account Manager
       Pam Janzen - Administrative Assistant
       Judy Brown - Purchasing Manager
       Homero Salinas Jr. - Warehouse Manager
       Kayla Wallace - Service Support

       Jason Boss - Service Representative, Central/Northern California
       Herminio Nuno - Service Representative, Central/Northern California
       Bob Funk - Service Representative, Central California
       Michael Lawrence - Service Representative, Central/Northern California
       Nathan Walls - Service Representative, Southern California
       Phil Nall - Service Representative, Southern California




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