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  • Choice Books placed over 2,500 promotional Easter displays and tables in stores this Spring and generated over $1.3 million in incremental retail sales. Their Christian and inspirational products sell especially well during Easter and Christmas...

  • After 85 years in Christian retail, Family Christian Stores (FCS) announced in February 2017 that they were closing all of their 240 stores in 36 states. Ken Gonyer, Choice Books CEO, pondered the sad news. “As a result of this surprising turn of events...

  • Choice Books (CB) sold 5,801,145 books in 2016, the highest number of books sold in CB history. Since the previous annual sales record of 5.55 million books set in 2008, book sales have hovered between 5 and 5.5 million books each year.

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Reader Responses

  • Thanks for making this Bible available to me. I'm a new truck driver and found it at a TA truck stop today. I have found God again, and He comforts me and keeps me safe in my travels...

  • Just wanted to let you know, I love your books and make an extra stop in Steele, ND at the Coffee Cup and in Washburn, ND at the Cenex station when I am driving…JUST TO GET YOUR INSPIRATIONAL BOOKS. I just love them, and they make wonderful gifts. They are cleverly hidden in gas stations!!

  • Your marketing strategy is perfect. The pharmacy that I use is Walgreens in the Suburban Plaza in Newark, DE. The wait is always long and a rack of your books is located near the waiting line. The selection of books is terrific.

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