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  • According to The Washington Post, “The popularity of coloring books for adults exploded in 2015, with an estimated 12 million books sold to people looking for ways to relax after work or satisfy their artistic side.” This trend continues in 2016.

  • According to a June 27, 2016 news release from the Association of American Publishers, overall trade publishing revenues declined in January 2016 compared to January 2015...Overall trends for Choice Books have been positive with total books purchased/sold up 18.6%...

  • The popular title, Keep Calm and Trust God, continues to sell very well with 79,830 copies sold in January to May of this year making this book Choice Books’ bestselling title so far in 2016. Keep Calm and Trust God posted a record 206,685 copies purchased/sold in 2015 making it the single-year highest volume title in CB’s history.

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Reader Responses

  • I was recently thinking I wished I knew how to express myself in prayer and I happened to go into a CVS pharmacy and noticed a book entitled Power Prayers to Bless Your Heart on a Choice Books stand. I picked up the book and looked through it as I waited for my prescription.

  • I have colored several of the books. I am 66 and each month when I get my social security check, I try to buy a new book. I have found I stay relaxed and don’t use as much meds as I usually do. I know it sounds odd, but I believe if more seniors would try The Book of Coloring Art, it really would help.

  • I bought the book Daily Gratitude at Kroger. This is the best devotional book I have ever owned, so I ordered four more for gifts. I've given three of them to friends who were going through a rough time, and they absolutely loved the books too


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