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  • Last fall, CEO John M. Bomberger announced his plans to retire after 23 years serving the Choice Books organization. John was honored at a surprise banquet held during the organization’s bi-annual meeting in Pittsburgh, PA on May 9. Choice Books LLC Board Chair Duane Schrock presented John with a plaque recognizing his service

  • In the first five months of 2016, Choice Books realized a 22.17% increase in combined retail sales from 29 national chain retailers serviced by Choice Books.

  • The popular title, Keep Calm and Trust God, continues to sell very well with 79,830 copies sold in January to May of this year making this book Choice Books’ bestselling title so far in 2016. Keep Calm and Trust God posted a record 206,685 copies purchased/sold in 2015 making it the single-year highest volume title in CB’s history.

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Reader Responses

  • David Wilkerson was the man that God used in my life more than a decade ago, to reach me in the darkest place I had ever been in my life. Suicidal and depressed! I walked into a Publix Supermarket one day...and in the Choice Books section there was a small book

  • I wanted to give you feedback on your books on prayer. I was at a gathering we have at the end of every month at our parish...I happened to let them know I was having trouble with my brother. Not a moment passed when my friend got up, reached in her purse and took out a book entitled Prayers for Difficult Times.

  • A while ago, I purchased a wonderful book at CVS called Abraham Lincoln’s Daily Treasure edited by Thomas Freiling. I’ve always admired Abraham Lincoln. He was one great president. The book was fascinating. I like his traits and wise sayings.

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