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  • Choice Books’ highest volume account in 2017 was Paradies #9704 at the Charlotte Douglas International Airport, which sold 19,226 books from 11 displays scattered throughout the airport. Each year, Choice Books recognizes the highest retail volume accounts in various retail categories. Top volume accounts in other categories were...

  • For the 12th consecutive year, Choice Books maintained annual sales of over 5 million books with 5,190,491 books sold in 2017. After a record-setting year in 2016, this was a 10.5% decrease. The pace of sales remained exciting, however, at 14,200 books sold per day!

  • Choice Books placed promotional displays and tables in over 2,600 stores during the Christmas season. Customers are pleased with the additional gift selections, and retailers benefit from the increased sales generated by these special offers.

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Reader Responses

  • I love the book Words of Jesus for Women:366 Reflections on the Words of Jesus so much because I can read it over and over. I bought it at the drug store. I have been reading from it to my ex mother-in-law on the days we go and visit her in the nursing home. She wants a book just like mine...

  • I purchased a copy of When Others Make Your Life Difficult at CVS. I found encouragement in reading this book. So much that I purchased copies for family and friends.

  • I recently purchased Praying the Names of God at Walmart. I have purchased books for many years and find them to be most informative and eye catching displays. I am so happy that you have made Christian books available at such convenience.

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