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  • Choice Books placed promotional displays and tables in over 2,600 stores during the Christmas season. Customers are pleased with the additional gift selections, and retailers benefit from the increased sales generated by these special offers.

  • Choice Books placed over 2,500 promotional Easter displays and tables in stores this Spring and generated over $1.3 million in incremental retail sales. Their Christian and inspirational products sell especially well during Easter and Christmas...

  • After 85 years in Christian retail, Family Christian Stores (FCS) announced in February 2017 that they were closing all of their 240 stores in 36 states. Ken Gonyer, Choice Books CEO, pondered the sad news. “As a result of this surprising turn of events...

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Reader Responses

  • I bought He Whispers Your Name at the Middleton (DE) Walmart. I just want to say “Thank you so much” for the inspirational messages I have received just reading a daily word after I read my Bible. A little extra goes a long way all day every day.

  • I got a copy of God Loves Mommy and Me at Publix. I love your books!! I love the simple large, colorful pages of your kids’ books.

  • I LOVE your zippered monthly/yearly calendars! I’ve used them for several years now and absolutely love them! Inspiring on a daily basis and then some! ... Thank you so much for distributing these zippered calendars. I finally found ONE at a local HEB.

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